If you have one or more IEC tools, didactic resources or you have developed IEC strategies, you can share them with the TG6 IEC Chagas disease. The members of the Group assess and select the tools, resources and strategies based on pre-established criteria in order to include them in the BeatChagas platform and share them with the public health, health system and scientific communities and people interested worldwide, recognizing and acknowledging the authors and their institutions with their copy rights.

Submission Guidelines

Description of the sections

Established definition criteria
Resource: includes all evidence-based IEC materials that have been created to promote the control of Chagas disease.

Strategy: includes all those interventions that have been made for the control of Chagas'; disease, that are evidence-based and/or that have been validated for their impact.

Experience: includes all those interventions you have carried out related to Chagas'; disease.

Detection: This is understood as all those actions or resources in IEC aimed at detecting new situations, both at the entomological level and at the level of human cases in unknown areas.

Follow-up: This is understood as all those actions or resources in IEC aimed at improving adherence after diagnosis. It includes strategies in a holistic sense, from biomedical to psychosocial aspects, using varied techniques, from the arts to new technologies.

Awareness raising: this is understood as all those actions or resources in IEC that aim to get messages across to the population, both at a collective and individual level, in order to spread messages that help to understand the problem.

Community mobilization: this is understood to be all those actions or resources in IEC aimed at promoting and encouraging community organization for understanding, reflection and joint work on the purpose of controlling Chagas disease.

Manuscript acceptance

The Technical Group has an Editorial Board to evaluate all shared IEC tools.
A valuation is made on the basis of the criteria defined. Within a maximum period of one month, responses are given to the submissions to communicate the final decision of the committee.



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