Paintings that talk about Chagas disease




Between 2007 and 2008, the artist painted a series of 14 works depicting Chagas disease, its social context and his perspective on this neglected disease, naming it “the Chagas Series”. Dr Jorge Taverna Irigoyen, President of the Argentine National Academy of Fine Arts in 2007-2010 and the highest authority on visual arts in Argentina, has said the following about the Chagas Series and its creator: “Favre-Mossier paints those infected hearts. He paints the bugs. He paints the homes. He paints faces with swollen eyes, resigned to their fate. He paints blood. He paints bitter destiny and cruel fate with oily materials and harsh brushwork, harsh like the wounds he depicts. In his scenes of contrasting palettes you can see the moods of Nolde, Munch’s fury, the contours and textures of Kirchner and Macke, all German and Nordic expressionists who, in more than one way, evoked feelings of deep pathos. It’s an expressionism that asserts itself, not a tortured expressionism that accepts its fate. These paintings could complain, but they stake their claim instead. This is the voice of an authentic artist raising a battle cry for art that rejects euphemisms, art that is connected at its core to events, simple stories, cracks and rifts that no one else dares approach”. (May 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina.)

The series’ reach led to its exhibition at important events and in national and international museums and art galleries. Two of the pieces in the series are currently in the possession of the World Health Organization in Geneva. The artist declares that his work on Chagas disease prompted him to create other series such as “Water” and “Tsetse: the fly”.

néstor favre-mossier

pintor, fotógrafo y escultor

Néstor Favre-Mossier was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1962. He is a painter, photographer, sculptor and graphic designer. He started studying visual arts in 1983 and has taken part in workshops with renowned artists in Argentina and abroad. His travels to Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France introduced him to the study of Flemish and Italian art. His personal story and diverse visual art disciplines intertwine in his creations, which have addressed current and complex subjects such as the rights of the child, the Falklands (Malvinas) War, Chagas disease, sleeping sickness and water.

A number of organizations own his paintings, including the World Health Organization and the World Council of Churches (both in Geneva, Switzerland), the Republic of Chad’s National programme to fight human African trypanosomiasis, and the Argentine National General Archive and the National Scientific and Technological Research Council, as well as several museums, educational institutions and private collections in Argentina and abroad. His work was prefaced by the President of the Argentine National Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 and the officer in charge of the Human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) control and surveillance programme of the World Health Organization in 2014. He has displayed his work at more than 60 individual exhibitions and at around 20 collective exhibitions around the world.


El Latir de los equipos

El Latir de los equipos. EDICIÓN ESPECIAL COLECCIONABLE - NÚMERO 1 / MARZO DE 2011 PLAN NACER ENTRE RÍOS - REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA Arte, Ciencia y Chagas: miradas posibles, diálogos necesarios. ...