Ficha logos bases ENG



Please read the following general remarks you will need to bear in mind in responding to the consultation::


  • The design should not include aggressive or sexist terms or expressions

  • The proposed logos should show appropriate respect for human rights, gender and diversity, etc.  Credit should be given for aspects relating to the right to health, social and ethnic respect and gender diversity.  We therefore advise against using images that stigmatize specific individuals, places, social conditions, gender and ethnicity, etc.

  • We recommend paying special attention to the multidimensional nature of Chagas disease and avoiding bias or vested interests.  This means that the logo should not refer exclusively to biomedical or geographical specificities or characterize specific places or regions, etc.

The design :

  • Remember that the colours selected and approved in 2022 to represent, give visibility to and raise awareness of Chagas are brown (symbolizing earth and roots) and green (representing nature and hope).

  • Pay special attention to the size of the images and letters, etc. (bearing in mind but this is a logo and not an illustration).

Authorship and copyright:

  • The authorship of the selected proposal(s) for the initial prototype will receive due acknowledgement. However, ownership of the final version of the logo following final editing will be collective (no copyright, either for the designers or for WHO). Which means that the final version of the logo can be used without getting permission from WHO.

Instructions to take part in the consultation::

1. Select the “Next” button
2. Complete the short personal survey (you can choose to remain anonymous if you like) (Step 2)
3. Share your views on the proposed logos (Step 3)
4. Select the proposed logo(s) which in your opinion combine the largest number of sought-after qualities and best represent World Chagas Day (Step 4)