The Technical Group No. 6 on Information, Education and Communication of the WHO Chagas Disease Control Program (GT6 IEC Chagas) calls on people linked to the Chagas problem (in its study, prevention, care, control, development of public policies, communication, education, or simply interested in the topic) to meet to continue the discussion started at the ChagasLeish Congress (Bahia, Brazil, September 2023) on the role of Information, Education and Communication (IEC). What are the most important outlines that should orientate IEC activities in Chagas? What is the role of IEC in the problem? What should we keep in mind when developing activities in IEC? How to put them into practice?

The purpose of discussing these and other questions is to collectively construct IEC outlines as guides for our work in Chagas toward the common objective of controlling the disease and the comprehensive care of all affected people. 

From your perspective and reflection, we invite you to contribute and enrich the IEC outlines.

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To stimulate momentum and participation, three opening presentations:

Evolution of IEC in the control of Chagas disease: a story of innovations from discovery to the first Wikimedia “editathon”

Andrea Avaria Saavedra

Participatory methodology around World Chagas Disease Day: From its candidacy to >30 current events during months in different countries around the world

Cristina de Fátima Veloso Carrazzone 

New technologies available for training health professionals. From design to impact assessment

Rosália Morais Torres

  • Exchange between participants
  • Explanation of the dynamics to collaborate in the preparation of the starting outlines in IEC

Collaborating: institutions and organizations from around the world with experience on the subject.

Questions or comments: