We designed a T-shirt with the final candidate of the logo created for WCDD, that will be worn by public figures involved with the cause, notably professional sportsmen and sportswomen, artists or public science communicators. The idea is to start a “challenge” where one after the other are invited to wear it and, consequently, give visibility to the Chagas problem through their networks and the networks of the clubs or spaces to which they belong.

The kick-off will be made by the captain of the Brazilian National Basketball Team, Marcelinho Huertas, who will receive the T-shirt from members of the initiative, record a video while wearing the T-shirt.




Marcelinho Huertas (Sao PauloBrazil25 May 1983)  is a Brazilian-Italian basketball player. He currently plays as point guard in the Lenovo Tenerife club. After 14 seasons in the Spanish ligue of Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB), in April 2021 he became the second player in history with the most assists. Captain of the Brazilian National Team for ten years, he has participated in three Olympic Games. In addition to having several titles, such as Leagues with the FCBarcelona, was a Lakers player in the NBA in the 2015-2017 period.


Ricardo Alberto Darín (born January 16, 1957) is an Argentine actor, screenwriter and film director widely considered one of the best and most prolific actors of Argentine cinema.

Considered one of the greatest and most acclaimed movie stars of his country, he played a number of parts in TV series for several years where he became popular as a young leading actor. His most prominent roles as a film actor include Nine Queens (2000), El hijo de la novia (2001), Luna de Avellaneda (2004), The Aura (2005) and La señal (2007), which was also his directorial debut.


Riendas Libres, a different and bold project of Argentine Popular Music that finds Peteco Carabajal contributing experience and maturity to a powerful trio that is completed with Homero Carabajal and Martina Ulrich, companions and family in this new musical adventure.


Júlia Baró and Ionut Dinita are solo ballet dancers of the Bucharest National Opera.Today Julia and Ionut joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Day T-shirt.


Davide Demichelis  (Torino, 3 ottobre 1965) is an Italian journalist, television presenter and documentary filmmaker. He has collaborated with various newspapers including La Stampa, Panorama, Avvenire. Author and director of television documentaries for National Geographic, NHK, Radio Svizzera Italiana, Rai, France 5, Al Jazeera. Co-author of five essays published by Baldini Castoldi: New Global, No Global, The Information Diverted, The New Colonization, What Remains of the World, Debt to Die. Since 2000 he has worked mainly with Rai3. Author and host of a few hundred documentaries and reportages shot in more than a hundred countries for Il pianeta delle Meraviglie, Timbuktu, I viaggi di Davide, Geo, Nanuk, Kilimanjaro. He is the host and author of the program Radici, aired on Rai3 since 2011.

dr ramiro da silva wanderley

 Jamiro Wanderley holds a degree and PhD in Medicine from UNICAMP and a specialist in Clinical Medicine. He is an occupational physician at the CTI (Fundación Centro Tecnológico de la Informatique), as well as Coordinator of the Semiology Program of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas). Jamiro also acts as a consultant in the areas of quality, relationship and health, having worked for organizations such as Rede Globo and TV Record.  


acf fiorentina

Lucas Sebastián Torreira di Pascua  (Fray BentosRío NegroUruguay 11 de febrero de 1996) is a Uruguayan footballer who plays as a midfielder in the ACF Fiorentina of Serie A. He is an absolute international with Uruguay since 2018.

Lucas Martínez Quarta. (Mar del Plata, Argentina 10 de mayo 1996) is an Argentine footballer with Italian nationality. He plays as a defender and his current club is the ACF Fiorentina of the Serie A of Italy. He is international with the Argentine national team.

Igor Julio dos Santos de Paulo, more known as Igor Julio, (Bom Sucesso, 7 de Febrero de 1998) is a Brazilian footballer who plays central defender in the ACF Fiorentina de la Serie A.



Medical Infectologist (UBA). Specialist in medical clinic (Ministry of Health of the Nation). Member of the vaccine commission of the Argentine Society of Infectology (SADI). Deputy Medical Director of Centro Médico Huésped. President and Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (SAVE)


Fran Gómez is an Argentine comedian, instagramer and “video creator” as he calls himself. Today Fran Gómez joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day shirt.


Jussa Garoto es el primer atleta brasileño en representar la modalidad de fisioculturismo en los Juegos Panamericanos. Hoy se suma a la campaña y viste la camiseta del Día Mundial de la Enfermedad de Chagas. Gracias Jussa!ussa Garoto is the first Brazilian athlete to represent the bodybuilding modality in the Pan American Games. Today he joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt. Thanks Jussa!


Vivi Pozzebbón is an Argentine singer and percussionist with 30 years of experience. He promotes and produces his music and projects from Córdoba, Argentina .Today Vivi joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Day T-shirt.


Vasco Olarticoechea, football world champion with Argentina in 1986, joins the campaign of World Chagas Disease Day . Thank you for joining our campaign and wearing the T-shirt of World Chagas Disease Day.

gustavo fernandez

Gustavo Fernández is an Argentine wheelchair tennis player. He was champion of the Roland Garros Tournament in 2016 and 2019, in addition to the Australian Open in 2017 and 2019 and the Wimbledon Championship in 2019 and 2022. He reached number 1 in the 2017 individual world ranking.


Javier Soliz Valdivia. is Bolivian elite athlete number 1 within the circuit of the Diputación de Valencia and founder of the Pioneers of South America club of Valencia with athletes from Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Spain and Italy. Today Javier joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day t-shirt.

jofre bardagi

Jofre Bardagí is a musician and composer who began his career with the group Glaus and has a long career with more than 12 albums to his credit. He has also collaborated with many international artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat or Rosario Flores and is the composer and interpreter of the song «Las palabras no dan miedo» created especially to give visibility to Chagas disease. Today Jofre Bardagí puts on the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt.

jofre mateu

Jofre Mateu is a former professional footballer for FC Barcelona among other teams. He is currently a sports analyst on television and radio.Today Jofre joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Day T-shirt.


León Gieco (born in Cañada Rosquín, province of Santa Fe, on November 20, 1951), is an Argentine musician and popular singer, considered one of the most important in Argentina and with great recognition inside and outside Latin America.


Milton Cortez  is a singer, songwriter, and actor born in Trinidad, Bolivia. He started singing at the age of 8 and has been singing professionally since he was 10 years old. His first album was recorded at the age of 12. He has recorded 16 albums, winning 2 gold records and multiple national and international awards. As an actor he has made two plays, 14 soap operas and series. He can currently be seen on the Netflix platform in the first and second seasons of Narcos Mexico, and also on HBO MAX in the movie Pseudo, which will also be released in theaters soon.


Néstor Favre-Mossier is a painter, photographer, sculptor, and graphic designer. His personal history and familiarity with multiple visual art disciplines combine in his work, through which he has addressed current and complex topics such as children’s rights, the Falklands War, Chagas disease, African sleeping sickness, and water.Thank you for joining our campaign and wearing the World Day of Chagas Disease T-shirt.


Carla Ortiz is a Bolivian actress, producer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. He has participated in films such as Che Guevara, The Land of the Astronauts and the most recent Olvidados.Today Carla joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Day T-shirt.

ro ferrer

Ro Ferrer is an Argentine illustrator, writer and designer. Today Ro joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day t-shirt.


Bernat Soler is a Catalan sports journalist and one of the most valued by the audience receiving in 2019 the award for the best valued Commentator of the year. Today Bernat joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day t-shirt.


Canticuénticos is a music group for children originally from the city of Santa Fe in Argentina. Canticuénticos were declared of cultural interest by the National Senate for their “career and valuable contribution to the national and Latin American children’s songbook” in 2017 and in in 2018 he was declared Cultural Ambassador of the city of Santa Fe. Canticuénticos is formed by Ruth Hillar (voice, flute and accordion), Daniela Ranallo (voice), Laura Ibáñez (voice), Gonzalo Carmelé (bass and backing vocals), Daniel Bianchi (guitar, charango, four Venezuelan and choirs), Nahuel Ramayo (drums, percussion and backing vocals) and Sebastián Cúneo (production, lighting, photography and video).


Coscu is one of the largest streamers in Argentina and today joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day t-shirt. Thanks Coscu!


Antônio de Oliveira (born 5 October 1960), better known as Careca, is a Brazilian former footballer, who was deployed as a forward. During his career, Careca played for several clubs, most notably with Italian side Napoli. He also represented the Brazil national football team on over 60 occasions.

fabio zambrana

Fabio Zambraba is the singer of Azul Azul, Composer of the world hit La Bomba, Cumbia Lenta and others. His most successful work La Bomba, was danced and continues to be danced throughout the world, the song sold more than 16 million copies, It became the number 1 Latin song in the world, for 4 weeks, in June 2001. Today Fabio joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Day T-shirt.


Javier Bononi is the president of the Federation of Latin American Entities of Catalonia (Fedelatina). Today Javierwears his shirt on World Chagas Disease Day.


Juan Bautista Stagnaro is an Argentine film director. Among the films he has filmed, the multi-award winning «Houses of Fire» stands out, based on the life of the Argentine doctor Salvador Mazza. Mazza is considered the first doctor who dedicated himself to studying Chagas disease in Argentina and who also gave visibility and continuity to the work started by Carlos Chagas. Today Juan joins the campaign and wears the World Chagas Disease Day t-shirt. Thanks Juan!


Domilson Cordeiro dos Santos, Dodô, is a Brazilian footballer. He plays defense and his team is ACF Fiorentina from Serie A in Italy. He has previously played for Coritiba (Brazil) and then for FC Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine). Dodô has been part of the Brazil team in the under-17 and under-20 categories.

Arthur Mendonça Cabral is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a striker for ACF Fiorentina in Serie A. He has previously played in Ceará, Palmeiras and Basel. Cabral has represented Brazil in the under-23 category in September 2019; in October 2021 he received his first call-up to the Brazilian senior team.


Mario Torrecillas is a illustrator, writer and screenwriter. He has published four graphic novels: Santo Cristo (2009), El Hijo (2009), Dream Team (2014) and Loli Tormenta (2023). He has adapted Dream Team (2019) and Loli Tormenta (2023) to the cinema. In 2008 he founded PDA (Pequeños Dibujos Animados). With PDA, in 2022, he made the three videos of the «Voces del Chagas» series, a work carried out by IsGlobal and the Public and Community Health Team (eSPiC) of the Vall d’Hebron-Drassane International Health Unit. Today Mario wears his shirt on World Chagas Disease Day.


Willy Claure is a Bolivian guitarist and composer with an extensive musical career since 1979. His musical flag is the genuine “cueca boliviana” and fundamental means of inspiration and expression. Willy promoted the promulgation of National Law 764 that declares the «Bolivian Cueca, Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the Plurinational State of Bolivia» and establishes the first Sunday of October as «The Day of the Bolivian Cueca». Among his most emblematic interpretations we have the cuecas “Don’t tell him” and “la Cantarina”. Today Willy wears his shirt on World Chagas Disease Day.

euge lópez

Euge López has a degree in biology and a master’s degree in neuroscience and education. She is currently a science communicator and hosts the weekly program La Liga de la Ciencia broadcast by Argentine Public Television.

joana maranhao

Joanna de Albuquerque Maranhão Bezerra de Melo, or Joanna Maranhão (born April 29, 1987 in RecifePernambuco) is a swimmer from Brazil, who competed at three consecutive Summer Olympics for her native country, starting in 2004. She was a finalist in the 400-metre individual medley at 2004 Athens, finishing in 5th place, the best position of all time obtained by the Brazil women’s swimming, along with Piedade Coutinho. Joanna also broke countless Brazilian and South American records.

hugo figueras

Hugo Figueras is an Argentine musician, three times winner of the Comedia Musical de La Plata award among others, he is currently also a professor of Popular Music career at the university.


Dani Caverzaschi is a Paralympic tennis player, participant in 3 Olympics and first Paralympic diploma of Spanish tennis. Top 20 in the world and number 2 in Spain. He is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of VLP Sports, the first agency representing Paralympic athletes. Today Dani wears the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt.


Her name is Sol Ferreyra, but she is known as Sol Despeinada. She is a doctor, sex education teacher, feminist and influencer. In her talks, workshops and networks, her strong point is sex education, although she also talks about feminism. She explains everything in a clear, direct way, without euphemisms, but with a lot of humor. Today Sol Despeinada has put on the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt.



La Ferni is a singer, musician, performer, teacher and communicator from Argentina.
Trained in music at the «Astor Piazzolla» Conservatory in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in Lyrical Singing at the National University of the Arts, she has taken part in several musical projects in a wide range of genres. Soloist voice in the folkloric group Allpa Munay, with whom he recorded the album «Yupanqui Inédito».
Nowadays she is part, together with Nahuel Quipildor, of the proposal called «Folklore en transición» with which, after her presentation in the Pre Cosquín 2022, Ferni managed to change the binary category of the now called Vocal Soloist category.
Today Ferni wears the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt. Thank you Ferni!


Alba Oliveros is a football journalist, presenter and sports commentator. In August 2022, she became the first woman to become the first woman to regularly narrate the Spanish La Liga football league. She was also, in November 2022, the first woman to narrate a World Cup match in Spain. Today Alba wears the World Chagas Disease Day T-shirt. Thank you Alba!