Eduard Canimas


Author: Eduard Canimas

Band Members:
Eduard Canimas (vocals and acoustic guitar)
David Ibáñez (electric guitar)
Anscari Isorna (Spanish guitar)
Ricard Vives (bass guitar)
Àngel Abad (drums)
Quimi Portet (electronic vocals, additional sound effects)



(translated from Catalan)

LYRICS OF “The Hero’s Journey”


Do what you must do, which is to have faith in you
And faith is not blind, it’s trust in yourself.
You are the guardian of your body’s memory
and your body is unwell
but your spirit is that of a warrior.
The hero’s journey is to carry on without a sound
killing creatures and demons with water up to your neck.
The journey of life a flood of joy,
drips of poetry, a scratch in the wound.

What you have walked through
Is not a pond of oil
You’re a flower in the mud,
Migratory bird (x2)

Of lights and penumbras, of cracks and battles,
to fall and to stand, to be always on the lookout.
To break chains of paralyzing opinions,
to earn the dignity of the rebel as he walks.

What you have walked through
Is not a pond of oil
You’re a flower in the mud,
Migratory bird (x2)

From anguish and sadness you could make new honey
from the beehive in the brightness of the sky.
More springs will come, more stories to weave,
more new boundaries that will need to be undrawn.



“What are we talking about when we talk about Chagas?” Group, Argentina; Outpatient Clinic for Chagas Disease and Heart Failure, PROCAPE, Federal University of Pernambuco (UPE), Brazil; Leo Messi Foundation; International Federation of Associations of People Affected by Chagas Disease (FINDECHAGAS); Chagas Disease Control Program at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why Eduard Canimas?

In early 2014, with the Brazilian Portuguese song written and ready for release, we decided to create more music–this time in Catalan.

We spent quite some time looking for a singer with the right profile and a unique outlook. Then one day in March, we went to an Eduard Canimas concert at Sant Andreu de Manresa Hospital’s Gothic Hall, and realized that he was just the right person to write a song for us in Catalan.

We presented the idea to Eduard and he was enthusiastic and eager for the challenge from the very beginning. We then visited him at his home in Olot, Catalonia, and explained the details of the global campaign, the results of research into Chagas disease, and the social implications of the results.

By July 2014, Eduard Canimas had written the song “El viatge de l’heroi” (“The hero’s journey”) for our campaign, an ode to overcoming obstacles. He officially debuted the song in September 2014 at the Concert for Chagas Disease in La Plata, Argentina. Then in October 2014 he recorded the song at Music Lan Studios in Avinyonet de Puigventós, Catalonia, with Quimi Portet, Jordi Solé, and the other members of his band.

About the artist:

Eduard Canimas, Sant Feliu de Pallerols (Catalonia, Spain), 1965

Eduard Canimas, a musician and singer, was born on 6 June 1965 in Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Gironès, Catalonia. In the early 1980s, he began leading an experimental theater group called ACIC-Teatro in Girona.

Several years later, between 1984 and 1985, he began singing covers of songs by artists such as Sisa, Pau Riba, Lou Reed, and David Bowie in various bars in Girona, accompanied by his friend Adrià Puntí. In 1991, he founded the band Zitzània. Their first release was a demo tape titled “Orquídeas y ortopedias” (“Orchids and Orthopedics”), which made waves in the local music scene. In 1997, another release by Zitzània won a demo tape competition held by Enderrock magazine. They then went on to release their only studio album, “La peixera dels tòtils” (“The Toad Tank”) and performed it in the main square at the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic music festival. In 2003, Canimas released his first solo album, titled “Canimas i rebentas” (“Canimas and Explosions”), and his song “Merry Christmas” won the Cerverí Prize for Best Lyrics in a public vote. This record helped Eduard Canimas earn the approval of critics along with well-known artists such as Sisa and Pau Riba, who were also involved in recording the album.

In 2006, he released “No hi ha crisi” (“There Is No Crisis”), and in 2010 he released the critically-acclaimed “Sagrat cor” (“Sacred Heart”). His most recent album, “Un pam de net” (“A Clean Inch”), came out in 2016 and included the track “El viatge de l’heroi” (“The Hero’s Journey”) which he wrote for us.

Eduard Canimas


Que no tengan miedo de nosotros: el Chagas según los propios protagonistas

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